Friday, March 29, 2013

Bunches of Beautiful Boxes with Tya Smith

Hello Scor-Pal Buddies! This month we are sharing with you our favorite "box" type of project. There are soo many wonderful options of boxes that are available to create using the Scor-pal but my favorite type of boxes are ones that hold a little treat. That is why I chose to do a Hanging Treat box. There are many variations of this type of box floating around out there. The boxes can hold anything from fun party supplies to yummy chocolates. I decided to do my box as a flavored water holder that attaches right over the lid of your favorite brand of bottled water. I used Doodlebug Design's new line "Fruit Stand" for my papers and embellishments. Here's how to make it:

3 3/4 x 10  inch cardstock in purple for box base
1 1/2 x 4 inch Stripe paper for box insert
2 x 10 inch Stripe paper for wrap around bottle
1 1/2 x 3 inch green cardstock for box front
1 1/4 x 2 3/4 inch white cardstock for box front ( I embossed mine with an embossing folder)
3/4 x 10 inch green cardstock for rosette on straw
Stickers and embellishments from Doodlebug Design "Fruit Stand" collection
Green straw
Drink Mix and bottled water
1 1/4 inch circle punch to make the hole in the top of the box

Step 1-  On 10 inch side of cardstock score the paper at 3 1/4 , 3 3/4 and 8 inches

Step 2-  On 3 3/4 inch side score the paper at 1/2  and 1 inch.
Rotate the paper around to the other side and score again at 1/2 and 1 inches.
Step 3- Snip away the edges of the paper as shown. Make sure that when you look at your paper that in the middle section you need to be working with the smaller of the 2 middle sections. That needs to be on the top.
Step 4- Add your Scor-Tape to the edges as shown and then fold up the box. Attach the side flaps to the back of the box.

Step 5- Take a 1 1/4 inch circle punch and punch a circle in the upper section of the box as shown.
Step 6- Make a rosette with the green 3/4 x 10 cardstock and attach to the green stripe straw. Embellish front of box as shown. Add drink mix and straw to box. Attach the 2 x 10 inch purple stripe paper wrap around the water bottle.

That's all there is to it! Thanks for joining me and Happy Scoring!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bunches of Beautiful Boxes with Jennie Harper

Hi Scor-Pal fans!  It's Jennie and I wanted to share a project I created for our Bunches of Beautiful Boxes theme. Using a Scor-Pal, I created a Cupcake Box, using Valerie Stangle's tutorial.
 Patterned Paper: Country Boutique Fancy Pants 
Die: Large Circles (Spellbinders)
Adhesive: Scor-Tape

 You will need cardstock or patterned paper in the following sizes:
10 1/2" square
6 1/8" square
4 7/8" square 

Main Box: Start with the 10 1/2 " square piece of patterned paper.  Score at 3 1/4" and 7 1/4", rotate and repeat. 

Cut on 4 score lines to where they intersect (2 on each side). Trim and notch corner panels, as shown, to create flaps.

Adhere flaps to inside of box with Scor-Tape.

Lid: Score 6 1/8" square at 1" on all sides. Cut on 4 score lines to just where the scores intersect - 2 on each side. Trim and notch corner panels, as shown. Cut circle shape with circle die in the center of square.  I added a 4x4" piece of clear card stock to the inside using Scor-Tape.

 Insert: Score 4 7/8" square 1/2" on all sides. Notch corners, as shown.
 Cut main circle shape with a circle die. Insert into main box, flaps down, to nestle cupcake (this will hold the cupcake of muffin in place).
 I added some die cuts from the Fancy Pants Country Boutique line to the box for decor and it is ready to give to a dear friend!

Hope you will try making one of these yourself!!  If you do be sure to leave me a comment as I would love to check it out!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guest Designer - Melissa Craig

Good Morning!  I am really sad to see today come.  Not only did my baby become a 14 year old today, but it's my last post as a guest designer for Scor-Pal.  I have enjoyed my time with Scor-Pal immensely and I thank Diana, Gini and Tami for allowing me to be a part of their amazing team!

For my last project, I have a birthday celebration to share with you.

So everyone knows how to create rosettes using their Scor-Pal board.  But I took these rosettes to cupcakes.  I also recycled some pop tabs to create flowers from the paper rosettes.  Using Scor-Tape, I adhered the pop tabs to a circle of card stock that has been covered with a Scor-Tape (6x6 size).  I suggest using light weight card stock with the Scor-Tape, it goes through your punches much easier.  Adhere the pop tabs, add another layer of card stock circle to sandwich in the tabs and then add the rosette.  The rosette will adhere well with Scor-Tape, no need to fire up the glue gun.

Glue some sticks to back, add some ribbon and decorate your cupcakes.  Easy!  You can decorate all of them for individual table settings or just a few like I did for a grouping presentation.

Thank you all for allowing me to share my creations with you.  I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bunches of Beautiful Boxes with Abby Henderson

Hi friends! Here at Scor-pal we are having a week full of Bunches of Beautiful Boxes and I am really excited to share my Ladies Diary Vintage Hat Box & Tags with all of you. I love all things vintage so this was the perfect box for me to create for this project. 

 Products used:
G45 Ladies Diary & Little Darlings
Vintage lace & trims
Corrugated Card Stock
~Please see my BLOG for additional supplies used~

Now this may look like a complicated project but I promise you it's pretty easy. I spent more time decorating and embellishing the box than I did to construct it. 

To begin with I scored the 12x12 corrugated card stock at 4" & 8"
Next I placed my card stock with the score lines in the horizontal position on my trimmer and cut two 2" strips
Next I folded along my score lines on both strips of card stock
I used some Scor-tape to attach the two strips together
Next I cut two strips of white card stock into 1" strips. I used these to cover the joined edges on the inside of box.
Now that the body of the box is's time to work on the base and lid. I created the base & the lid using the same method, the only difference is the edge measurement for the lid which I'll get to in just a moment. 

For the base, I placed my box on a piece of 12x12 card stock and made a light pencil mark at the point of each corner.
Next I pretty much connected the dots and made the basic shape of the box. To ensure I had enough card stock to fold up onto the bottom of the box, I measured out 1/2" from the outside measurement of the box base. For the lid I measured at 1" as I wanted more of a lip for this part.
I cut the shape from the card stock then placed it on my Scor-pal and made a score mark on the inside lines.
I made a small slit at each corner and then used more Scor-tape
I didn't take any photos of putting this together but all I did was place the box body onto the top of the base I made, peeled off the Scor-tape one strip at a time and adhered it to the box. I did the same process for the lid except for the Scor-tape since you want the lid to come off. 

Please note that I did the next step before I adhered the base. I chose to paint the inside of my box since it was just white and then I attached a piece of coordinating patterened paper on the inside. I think doing this gives the box a finished & polished look. 

Once you finish making your lid, your box is complete and the fun part begins...decorating & favorite part!!
I added this amazing metal gold trim along the base of the box and added some true vintage lace to the lid. 

The rest of the photos show you the box all completed along with the tags I made for the inside. 

I am really pleased with how well this box turned out. It's my first time making a six-sided box and I love it!! This looks so beautiful displayed in my house and I can't wait to make more for future gifts. 

Thanks for stopping by the Scor-pal blog. You are in for a real treat this week with the other amazing Bunches of Beautiful Boxes by my fellow DT Sisters : )

Happy Crafting!!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Bunches of Beautiful Boxes with Diane Zechman

The Scor-Pal team has created Bunches of Beautiful Boxes and today I am sharing my Tiny Easter/Spring Triangle Treat Box. The tutorial for this was done here by Deb Felts and you can also find it here on the Splitcoast site. I've altered the design slightly so I included my own template below. Instead of cardstock, I used patterned paper to create the box and then punched a decorative zigzag edge on the flap. It is held shut with sticky-back velcro.  

The finished box has a 2" base and is almost 2" high...a very sweet little size! It holds a few Hershey kisses or any other small treat or gift. I didn't have the chocolates in pretty spring colors, so I'll switch out the red foil wrapped candies when I'm ready to give it away. ;) Here it is open... 

It is quite easy to make with a few scored lines using the Scor-Pal. I didn't want the bulkiness of all the folds on the inside of my box, so I also cut each corner off before attaching the cover. Here's my template showing where to cut/score. I followed Deb's instructions for this box, starting with a 6" square and scoring at 2" and 4" in each direction. Then I added the additional score lines and attached the 2x4 cover, scored in half. After scoring the cover in half, I added an additional score line 1/8" from the first to allow for bulk at the top of the box. I also made 2 more boxes which are a little larger. For one I started with a 7 1/2" square and scored it at 2 1/2" and 5". The cover is 2 1/2 x 5, scored in half. For the other, I started with a 12" square and scored at 4" and 8". The cover is 4 x 8, scored in half. I also scored an additional line 1/8" from the first on each of those covers. These boxes are a quick and easy project...I hope you try it!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Bunches of Beautiful Boxes with Toni Noggle Storie

Toni is  back with another fun Scor-Pal project.  This time she has a box for you. She says she really loves that you can make it out of one sheet of card stock and some patterned paper.  After a few scores, cuts and embellishments, the flip top box is ready to fill and give away.

Here is what you need to get started:
  • One 4 1/2" x 10 3/8" piece of card stock
  • One 4 1/2" x 2" piece of card stock
  • One 2 5/8" x 3 5/8" piece of patterned paper
  • One 2 5/8" x 2 3/4" piece of patterned paper
  • One 2 5/8" x 7/8" piece of patterned paper
  • One 2 5/8" x 3/4" piece of patterned paper
  • Scor-Pal
  • Scor-Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Punch or Die Cutting Tool
  • Embellishments, as desired 
First, place your 4 1/2" by 10 3/8" piece of card stock with the 4 1/2" side of the paper against the top fence of the Scor-Pal.  Score at 7/8" on each side.
Turn your card stock so that the 10 3/8" side is against the top fence of your Scor-Pal.  Score at 1/2", 1 1/2", 2 3/8", 6 1/8" and 7".  For a quick and simple solution to 1/8" scores that are not marked on your Scor-Pal, check out Diana's video tutorial
Without moving your card stock, score at 2 7/8" and 9 7/8" between the two horizontal scores made in step 1. 
With your pencil, make a mark at 1" and 3 3/8" the top and bottom of the card stock.  Draw a line from your pencil mark to the intersecting score lines 1/2" in front of the mark.  Draw a line from the top and bottom right corners to the score line 1/2" before it. 
Trim away corner pieces as shown  here.
Cut on score lines as indicated by red lines in the photo.  (One line was drawn previously).
Burnish all of your score lines.
Add patterned paper pieces, as shown.  Add Scor-Tape to the four tabs cut on the sides.  I used some patterned paper from the Fancy Pants Designs Hopscotch line.  I sponged the edges of my patterned paper and the edges of my card stock for definition.
Turn the card stock over and add Scor-Tape to the end flaps, side flaps of what will be the box front and the square tabs of the box top.  You can see the adhesive positioned in the photo.
 Remove adhesive backing on the ends and adhere down.
Adhere box base together by removing backing off tabs first and adhering to the bottom of the box.  Then remove backing off adhesive on the side flaps and secure to the outside of the box.  
Next, adhere flip top together.  Remove backing from Scor-Tape on square tabs first and adhere to the top of the box.  Remove backing from the Scor-Tape on the angled flaps and secure to the side of the flip top.  Here you have a completed flip top box.
Optional: If you would like to make your flip top box lid more secure, follow these additional steps.  Place your 4 1/2" by 2" piece of card stock with the 4 1/2" side against the top fence of your Scor-Pal.  Score at 7/8" on both sides.
Use a punch or a die to create a cut out along one edge of your insert. This will allow easier access to the contents of your flip top box. 
Line outside edges and edge opposite of the cut with Scor-Tape and burnish your score lines.
Remove backing from your Scor-Tape and insert inside of the flip top box, with the top edges aligned.
Embellish as desired.  I embossed a butterfly on vellum, trimmed it out and popped it up off the front of my box.  Then I stamped a sentiment on a small flag, sponged the edges and attached it to the back of a Fancy Pants Designs Hopscotch Mingled Button.  I tied a raffia bow and secured a random button to it's center.  I then attached it to my flip top box lid.
 I thank you for reading my tutorial today.  Happy crafting!

Details: Stamps: Fluttering By (Verve); Paper: Vanilla (MFP), Fancy Pants Designs Hopscotch dp, vellum; Ink: Crumb Cake, Versamark; Accessories: Scor-Pal, Scor-Tape, Fancy Pants Designs Hopscotch Mingled Buttons, white embossing powder, heat tool, wide oval punch, pencil, ruler, scissors, sponge dauber, stampin' dimensionals, raffia, random button, crystal effects.