Here is what our wonderful customers are saying about Scor-pal:

I'm very pleased so far with:
· the depth of the scores on card stock (haven't tried anything heavier)
· the fact that I don't have to move the paper--*HUGE* for me!
· self-storing score tool
· lightweight, easy for me to store and transport
· nicely done instruction sheet that includes a few basic projects for beginners to try

Here's what I think totally sells me on this tool:
The absolutely outstanding projects featured at their website. They tell you exactly which marks to use, great visuals, well done art work.
All the pre-thinking on where to measure, has been done for me--I can make all those fabulous projects without wasting oodles of paper trying to figure out the exact score measurements.
It's not just a good quality product, it's backed up with information that adds immense value.
Now, I'm not "comparing" this tool to another--I don't have anything other than my Fiskars Euro Cutter and score blade to compare it against.
But, for the price, the accompanying valuable project information featured at their website, combined with the tool itself, makes Scor-Pal a winner in my book.  
-Julie Ebersole Julie HRR

Diana, This is phenomenal!!!  I absolutely LOVE it!!! I love how there's a clip that holds the bone folder onto the board, and I love the ruler along the top... I love everything about it!!! -Amy Klavig

With your product I can get a score that is straight in addition to being exactly where I want it on the cardstock...if you score by hand with a bone folder you chance the fold not being a 90 degree angle, and  if there's a cut out on the card it makes it difficult to fold without damaging some aspect of the card.  -Martha, California

I would recommend the Scor-Pal to anyone. I made a Tri-fold card and it was a snap with the Scor-Pal No need for measuring, I made my scores and it folded up perfectly. -Cheryl Cox, Fl.

I have to tell you, I use this fab-o scoring tool EVERY day. I leave it on my craft table and just lean over and zip zip...I am done. That is SO much more convenient then using my bone folder and a ruler OR the scoring blade on my fiskars rotary cutter. I really appreciate the deep score line too. If you don't have a tool like this it is a MUST have especially if you are into quick results. The other thing I like about it is that you have all the essential score lines marked for you (ex. 4 1/4, 5 1/2 etc). Everyone needs a Scor-Pal. -Allison Miles, BC Canada

Let this be known.  I am in love!!!!!!! I received my scor-pal today and I have played with it already. How does one get anything done in the house after this sits in your  office or stamp room?  Looking for some suggestions.

Thank you so much for this terrific piece.  It is truly remarkable.  I am anticipating a lot of good works from me with this.  I wanted you to know that it did in fact arrive today and want everyone to know it worth waiting for. -Mo Morris, PA

I just received my Scor-Pal in the mail today. Of course I had to try it out right away. And I LOVE IT!!! It is so easy to use and does such a great job on the scoring. It is so easy to line it up just right with the raised edges, so that I can just square it right up. Thanks so much for coming up with such a great product! -Jan Smarinsky, West Palm Beach, FL

I just finished using your Scor-Pal for the first time. This is an amazing tool. I love it. I can’t tell you how much easier it is for scoring cards and it is accurate! Usually when I am scoring the old way I waste a lot of card stock. I just scored about 90 cards, all   perfectly. Again what a great addition to my card making . -Linda Kale, New Jersey

I love this  gate-fold design and it was made that much easier because my new Scor-Pal  arrived in the mail yesterday. This tool is going to become a mandatory, must have tool for every cardmaker out there, trust me! -Barb Kaszuba, Ontario Canada

I received my Scor– Pal and it is totally awesome…also the tacky tape is fantastic…you are absolutely correct, it is the best ever. I will be ordering more… -LB, Oregon

I can tell you that it is light weight and I take it everywhere with me.  When not scoring with it I use it as a tray (not for entertaining) but for ferrying my supplies from one room to another.  Also, when not scoring with it I lay a fun foam mat over it and use it to stamp on - it's great for taking along to the kids activities and it's size makes it the perfect lap desk.

Oh and I also use it for scoring - no more torn card folds!  The Scor-Pal has opened the doors for me and allowed me to create all kinds of wonderful things that were much more cumbersome and therefore avoided in the past.

I LOVE my scor-pal and if Diana comes out with a memory foam attachment I'd use it as my pillow! -M. Kirkwood British Columbia

I love my Scor-Pal – I find I use it even for the simplest of folds – like folding my cardstock in half – what a crisp, clean score!!!   I have used it for accordion cards, gate cards, tri-fold cards and  making “tiles” on my card.  It’s so easy to score both ways and then stamp your image on top and have perfect “tiles”. It is also nice that a sheet of 8 ½ x 11 paper fits neatly on the Scor-Pal with no overlap, so your cardstock doesn’t get messed up or accidentally folded where it shouldn’t be.  I love it and highly recommend that every stamper have and use one! -V. Gould PA

Scor-Pal is DA BOMB of all scoring tools! My workshop preparation is a breeze and my projects look professional.  It's lightweight and doesn't take up room on my crowded desk.  I can't say enough about Scor-pal.  I love Diana Crick for inventing it!!!" -Cambria Turnbow, Oregon

I absolutely love my Scor-Pal! I really enjoy doing special folds and with the Scor-Pal it is just so much more fun and easy. No more moving your paper and ending up with uneven score lines. Also, I never use to use Designer Paper simply for the fact that I would always end up cutting through it when I was scoring it. Not anymore. I also really love the scoring tool. It is nice to have a holder for it too. It is one of the only items in my stamp room that I can actually find!! -Tracy Houghton, Alberta