Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Meet the Scor-pal Team-Kitty Franken

Today's featured designer: Kitty Franken

I think it is time to tell more about me
I am kitty franken
I live in the Netherlands ( Holland) in Europe. I am almost 44 and married to Bert and we have son of 17 Rowdy
we have 1 dog Lord ( of the rings) 2 cats Pip and Beau and 1 ferret.
I work as a social nurse and
I have a small company in Holland..we sale scor-pal products in Europe...I made 4 books by myself with scor-pal ideas and the latest is in Dutch-Deutch-Francais and English.In cm and inch.. the books are a big hit because not anyone can design there own templates and this moment we are thinking about our own company building in my hometown so we can do even more with scor-pal..we have small house so I cant do what I like to do al the time with my ever spinning head ( I always have ideas for scor-pal)
in October me and my husband are going to dream is hopefully ...spotting whales in Canada...ever since I remember I have that dream but we don’t have whales in Holland ..lots of water but only small fish..
have a look at my blog and you can always email me about scor-pal or me or my dog or my country or what ever!
bye bye from sunny Holland

Just two of Kitty's many projects:


sempermom said...

Hi Kitty!
so nice to meet you. those are GORGEOUS projects!

angelique (anlou) said...

hoi meis
super projecten heb je toch altijd op je blog
leuk om je hier ook weer tegen te komen
liefs angelique

Regina aka Mrs. Ham said...

Welcome Kitty. Your projects are just lovely. I hope you really enjoy your whale watching trip. That's something I want to do also.

Tanya said...

Oh this is so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love your flowers

genagirl said...

The teacup is amazing!!!!!!!!!

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

Love these projects, I would love to hear more about what a social nurse does and your up and coming stores and can't wait to see your upcoming designs.

Margie said...

Glad to get a chance to know you Kitty! Love your projects. They are beautiful! Sounds like you are a very busy lady! Good luck on whale-watching. My husband and I were lucky enough to see several whales (up close and personal!) in Maui on vacation one time. We LOVED it. So exciting!

Ravengirl said...

Kitty, I am so pleased to learn about you. I hope you enjoy your trip to Canada and get to see some of those whales!

Riette said...

No way! A cup! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the team Kitty!

Sharon in Arizona said...

Hello Kitty, Beautiful projects!!!! Would love to have your book so I'm headed to your website. Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Sharon :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kitty ! Your life sounds fascinating ! YOur projects are beautiful ! -- and I love that tea bag!

I hope you enjoy your trip and spot many, many whales ! (safe travels when you go)

Patty Williams