Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Scor-Envi from Scor-pal - Now Available

We know many of you have been waiting; and we are excited to announce that the new Scor-pal Scor-Envi is now in stock and shipping!

Envelopes and diagonal scoring patterns are now a breeze! 
The Scor-Envi is designed to be used with the Scor-Pal (inch version)and helps you to create 12 different size envelopes including the most used A2 envelope and lots of square envelopes too. A chart is printed on the tool for handy guidance. If you like to do embossed grids and diagonal scoring patterns this is the perfect tool for that as well. 

Stay tuned for more!!


Carla said...

Great! Makes it a lot easier to make envelopes.

Carla from Uah

Cathy said...

how excitng, now I just need to get my scorpal:)

Ravengirl said...

So excited for this!

Jan Garber said...

My Scor-Pal is begging for this! It would really cut my time making card bases in half!