Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Scor-pal Video

Don't miss the latest video from Diana showing how to measure eighths with the Scor-pal.


REV. SAMARA said...

Hello! I would absolutely love to be on your team. I am a mixed media artist, using your products from the moment they came out and talking to you when you were in Windsor I believe and you and your husband were working out of your home! I am in Ontario (samara navi). That is when I got my product from you and we talked about how it was then possible for you to ship across to the U.S. I have watched you take off and be ultra big and watched your success and am so happy for you!!!! Please visit my blog wwww.samaranavi.blogspot.com and see if my art would be part of what you could use. Lots of love and happiness for you and your husband. Samara

REV. SAMARA said...

Hello, I am not seeing my message honey, can you let me know if you got it? samaranavi@bell.net. Smiles and Joy, Samara

Scor-pal said...

thanks for your interest! We'd love to see your application.