Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall/Halloween Tutorial with Toni Storie

Hello Crafty Friends!  It's time for a new Scor-Pal tutorial and this time it is all about Halloween or Fall.  I opted to make a Fall project and created this fun paper pumpkin*.  Get ready for some scoring!
For this project, you will need: 
  • Scor-Pal
  • Scor-Tape
  • 8 sheets of 12" x  12" orange card stock
  • 3  1 1/2" x 3" pieces of brown card stock
  • 1 sheet of green card stock
  • Strong Adhesive ( I used Crystal Effects)
  • Paper Snips
  • 1" circle punch
  • Leaf die
Place the first orange 12" by 12" piece of card stock in the Scor-Pal.  Score at every inch mark. 
Flip the paper over, switching front and back, and then score every half inch between the previously scored line.  This will be 1/2", 1 1/2", 2 1/2", 3 1/2", 4 1/2", 5 1/2". 6 1/2". 7 1/2". 8 1/2". 9 1/2", 10 1/2" and 11 1/2".
Trim scored orange paper as follows:  1 1/2" x 12" (2 pieces), 2 3/4" x 12" (3 pieces), 3" x 12"(3 pieces), 3 1/4" x 12"(12 pieces), 3 1/2" x 12" (3 pieces), 2 1/2" x 12"(3 pieces), and 1 3/4" x 12" (2 pieces).  If you want to sponged or distress the edges, now is the time to do it.

Use the 1" circle punch to 20 circles at this time.

Accordion fold your pieces now.  Remember that the raised line is a valley and the depressed line is a mountain.  (Important tip: Keep the pieces that measure the same together.)
Starting with the 3 1/2" by 12" strips, line the last two panels of the accordion folded strip with Scor-Tape. 
Remove adhesive lining from Scor-Tape and overlap with two panels from the second accordion piece.  Adhere the two accordion folded strips to create one longer strip.  Repeat this step with the third strip to create an even longer strip.
Using the same process of lining the last two panels with Scor-Tape and overlapping them, create a circle out of the accordion folded strip. 
Next, push in the top of the accordion folded circle while pressing down to create your rosette shape. 
Apply your adhesive to a 1" circle and secure it to the top of the rosette.  Repeat this same action on the bottom of the rosette.  (I used Crystal Effects and had to wait for it to dry, others have successfully used glue guns.)
Create the rest of the rosettes at this time.  It is helpful to create them and keep them in the same order as they were listed for cutting.  There will be ten rosettes in all.  The first and last rosette have only two accordion folded strips, while all others have three.  Four rosettes will be made with the 3 1/4" x 12" strips. 

Assemble your paper pumpkin by using strong adhesive on the paper circles between the layers.  It worked best to assemble them from top to bottom in this order:  1 1/2" x 12" rosette, 2 3/4" x 12" rosette, 3" x 12" rosette,  two 3 1/4" x 12" rosettes, 3 1/2" x 12" rosette, two 3 1/4" x 12" rosettes, 2 1/2" x 12" rosette and finally the 1 3/4" x 12" rosette. 
The paper pumpkin is starting to take shape and now needs some additional details. 
Create a stem for the pumpkin by trimming one edge of the 1 1/2" x 3" strips of brown card stock into a fringe.  Line the side without fringe with Scor-Tape. Repeat with the second and third pieces of brown card stock.
Remove the adhesive backing  on one piece and roll it into a tight roll.  Remove the backing of the next piece and continue to wrap it around the first roll, creating a stem for the pumpkin.  Adhere the stem to the top of the paper pumpkin with strong adhesive. 

Trim 1/8" strips of green card stock and create vines by curling the strips around a pencil.  Secure the vines to the paper pumpkin with strong adhesive.  Die cut leaves from the same green card stock and adhere to the paper pumpkin as desired.
This completes my paper pumpkin tutorial.  Enjoy!

Details - Paper: Orange, Soft Suede, Old Olive; Accessories: Scor-Pal, Scor-Tape, Crystal Effects, Spellbinders Fall Foliage dies, paper snips, circle punch.

*Paper pumpkin tutorial slightly modified from this tutorial.


Diana Crick said...

Very clever project, love the tendrils hugs xx

Martie Rollin said...

This pumpkin is wa-ay too cute!! Can't wait to make this for my home. Thanks for this posting!

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This is adorable! Thank you for the tutorial!

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Awesome project. Love the green tendrils.

Nancy said...

Holy smack a love this...perfect addition for any decor...thanks for the tutorial too...I am so making me some..

Nancy T.