Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall/Halloween Tutorial with Katie Tate

Today is Day 1 of a week of Fall/Halloween tutorials here at Scor-Pal
My tutorial is for a cute Halloween House, perfect for hiding treats in!

Project Recipe:
Cardstock and Patterned Paper - Unknown
Scoring Tool - Scor-Pal
Adhesive - Scor-Tape
Fence Punch - Martha Stewart
Scalloped Punch - Fiskars
Pumpkin Dies - Dayco

Take 2 pieces of cardstock 5" by 12" and score at 1" with the 5" side at the top fence and then at 1", 5" and 11" on the 12" side.

Burnish all scored lines and snip as in the photo to create flaps.

Add Scor-Tape to the flaps to form the base of the house.

Form 2 sides of the house using one piece of the cardstock and your Scor-Tool to create crisp corners

Repeat with the other piece of cardstock and attach together to form the 4 walls of the house. (don't worry about a base it will come later) Your house will measure 6" by 4"

Punch a 12" strip with your fence punch from a full piece of cardstock. After punching trim to a height of 2" on a trimmer. Then on your Scor-Pal score a line 1/4" from the bottom of your fence and burnish. These measurements will vary depending on what you use for your fence. Just remember that you need to leave room to be able to form a flap that will attach to the base.

Repeat with other strips until you have enough to go around the base of your house. Form corners as in the photo. I wanted my base to measure 6 1/2" by 5" and adjusted the punched pieces to fit (with their repeating design matching up) and trimmed to form a gate space (so the trick or treaters can visit the house :).

Attach the base to the fences with Scor-Tape

The house will fit to the base. You will attach with Scor-Tape later after decorating.

To make the roof start with a piece of cardstock 4 1/4" by 8" and score at 8" on the 8" side and burnish.

For the sides of the roof have 2 pieces of cardstock 5 1/2" by 4". At the center point on the 5 1/2" side (so 2 3/4") mark with a pen. Draw 2 diagonal guide lines from the that point to each bottom corner. Use those lines as a guide to line up on your Scor-Pal and score the diagonal lines and burnish.

Attach the roof sides at one side to the roof top as in the photo. Sorry it is hard to see, it is hard to edit it lighter with it being a black roof.

Trim off the overlap so that the sides match the level of the roof. It is so much easier to do it this way as the scored diagonal lines are easy rather than have to measure in on the sides before scoring and you are much less likely to make a mistake. Also trim the tiny piece that overlaps on the front too (I left it on the photo so you could see what I was referring to)

Attach the other side of the roof and use your Scor-Tool in the corners to complete the roof.

Now decorate the house as you desire.

The roof is easily removed to add treats if you would like or you could use it as a gift box.

I hand cut windows and a door and found this little round sticker that I thought looked a little like a wreath to fit on the door. You can decorate how you like.

I hope you enjoyed this and be sure to drop me a message if you have any questions.



Steph Ackerman said...

Absolutely love this. So creative.

ionabunny said...

So sweet. I want to try this if I get the time. Thanks for the great tutorial Hugz

Martie Rollin said...

This is such a cute Halloween project! Thanks for all the great instructions. Getting ready for Halloween is such great fun!

Lisa Topps said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing the project.

Michelle Quinno said...

This is amazing, Katie!!

Nancy said...

How did I miss this...I love it...thank you for the how to....

Nancy T.