Saturday, April 15, 2017

Mid Challenge Tutorial

This fabulous project was from one of team members in our current challenge and we wanted for you to be able to create it yourself so we have the tutorial for you.

When I was a little girl my grandmother used to make an Egg Hunt. I had to look all over the house (and garden - if the weather was OK) for hidden sweets.
Therefore, I decided to prepare a card with storage unit for sweets. You can put your favorite sweets or a small gift in a small drawer.
Let's start with an easel.
Mark the 12" paper on 12.5 cm. If your scoring table doesn't have row at this point - slide the paper about 0.5 cm to the right and select the row of 13cm.
Turn the card 90o and mark at 12.5, 19 and 25cm rows. Cut out the unnecessary part. Pay attention to the creasing rows 19 and 25 cm doesn't exceed 12.5 cm row.
Now go back to your previous position and mark on rows 14,5, 27 and 29cm.
Cut out unnessesary parts.
Now it's time for a drawer - we need cut square with a side length of 20.2 cm. Score each side on 2 and 4 cm.
Cut out unnessesary parts.
Now it's time to adhesive with your Scor-Tape and decorate your card as desired.
Products used:
Scoring board - Scor-Pal
Adchesive - Scor-Tape
Cardstock - plain white 250g
Scrap paper - 7dots Studio Illumination, Galeria papieru
Cutting dies - RosyDot AC2, Magnolia Summer Foliage
Additions: handmade flowers

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